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Martin Tsan

martin tsan

blockchain & Frontend developer

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."
― Steve Jobs

how i started

The Story Behind and the Process

I started learning HTML, CSS and building basic web pages from 2010. It was a online-course website which my mentor asked me to complete during my college. I have no idea at all when I got this task. So I went to library everyday and drown into books to figure out how website works. After I finished the first version of it, I found I love to build website even it's a static website at that moment, I just felt it's great I can at that point I was mind blown by it's power!

A few months later, I completed the whole website and started learning JavaScript and WordPress (PHP). I found that actually I could make it better, then I refurbished the previous website using WordPress.

Then my development career was out of control. After I graduated, I used C# language to build mobile healthcare system. Then I self-learned Ruby on Rails to enhance my "web powers", but after a while, realizing that the interface of websites I made are very ugly. Then I decided to improve my front-end skill including product sense. I learned Sketch / Adobe XD, then each time I can make design specs before I start building something. When I felt that I understood what's going on under the hood, I picked AngularJS to help me on the long run on the front-end and I built some Apps based on Ionic as well. After all, I could provide Full-Stack services. That meant I could build a website or an App from very scratch.

providing various services

The Service I can provide so far

I'm specialized in HTML/CSS and JavaScript on the frontend, I'm also pretty comforable with React, NextJS, Ruby on Rails, Python, MySQL, PostgraSQL, CouchDB, Google Cloud, Wechat Mini Program, etc. For more details about my experience or completed work check out my GitHub or LinkedIn profiles.

You can also see the Timeline for an overview of my progress and accomplishments so far.

Get in touch, I'll try to help you improve your website or make a Wechat Mini Program in China!